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Patient Forms

This is where you can view the various forms that are necessary in helping us to serve you with the best possible care. Please note, that clicking on a form will open it in a new window.

New Patients

New Patient - Info Packet

New Patient - Questionnaire

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea - Referral

Sleep Apnea - NP Consent - Financial

Sleep Apnea - NP CPAP Affidavit

Sleep Apnea - Delivery Consent

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Form

Medical History

Medical History Update

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance Form

Talent Release

Talent Release


Doctor - Implant Consent

Doctor - Medical Release Form

Doctor - Oral Surgery Consent

Doctor - Partial Consent - Flexible

Doctor - Partial Consent - Metal

Doctor - Pre-OP Instructions

Doctor - Pre-Surgical Medical Dental History

Doctor - Root Canal Consent

Doctor - Hybridge XD Consent

Front Desk

Front Desk - Health Disclosure

Front Desk - Patient Information Form

Front Desk - General Dental Referral


Hygiene - Consent for Teeth Whitening

Hygiene - LAPT for Perio Maintenance

Hygiene - Laser Bacterial Reduction

Hygiene - Laser Perio Therapy Consent

Hygiene - Oral Cancer Screening Consent

Hygiene - Premedication Release Form

Hygiene - Refusal - Perio Charting

Hygiene - Refusal - Perio Disease

Hygiene - Refusal - Radiograph

Hygiene - Updated Patient Questionnaire

Dental Services