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Dental Bio-Materials

Dental Bio-materials: Nothing but the best at Elmwood Dental

Not all things are created equal. This is as true a statement in dentistry as in any area of life. Just like you have choices at the hardware, grocery, or clothing store, dental providers have choices when it comes to the materials and instruments being trusted to restore and maintain your oral health. Today when insurance driven healthcare forces providers to accept lower fees for services, some providers shorten appointment times and potentially compromise the quality of care and biomaterials they provide. The public's understanding of provider's choices in biomaterials has never been more important. From filling materials and fluorides, to implant and surgical technology, to the quality of alloys and ceramics used in your crowns, not all things are created equal.

At Elmwood Dental Group, although we do participate with some insurance providers, we are not a fast paced, insurance driven office. We do not cut corners with your healthcare. Our dedication to dentistry and to the quality of care we provide has never been higher. For this reason, we use only the safest, strongest, and most technologically advanced materials available. When you open wide, you have the peace of mind that you are being treated with the safest, best dental bio-materials in the world, and our dedication to continuing education and continual improvement ensures this will always be the case.