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Dental Fillings & Cavities

Routine & Preventative Cleanings
are an Important Part of Your Overall Health and Dental Hygiene

Daily brushing and flossing help to remove harmful plaque bacteria from around and between teeth, keeping them looking and feeling clean. Despite all our best efforts however, without routine professional care and regular doctor exams, the daily grind will catch up with us all! Our team of attentive, well trained, and enthusiastic hygienists takes your oral health as seriously as their own.

With routine dental cleanings, we remove any plaque or tartar build up around your teeth and gums that if left untreated, may contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. In addition, dedicating a full hour to each appointment ensures our ability to conduct thorough intraoral cancer screenings, blood pressure readings, your annual x-rays, doctor exams, intra-oral photos, periodontal charting, and patient education. We take your oral health seriously and believe early detection and prevention is key to minimizing your need for future treatment. This service is recommended a minimum of every six months.

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