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The Smile Design team at Elmwood Dental enhances natural teeth with professional cosmetic and restorative treatments to give you the beautiful, healthy, and confident smile of your dreams.

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Your Smile Shouldn't Hold You Back

A genuine smile conveys more in an instant than words ever could. If concerns about your teeth prevent you from smiling, you could be missing out on meaningful connections and life opportunities.

We understand that embarrassment, fear, or anxiety about the condition of your teeth or that past experiences at the dentist may stand between you and a great smile. You can trust the Elmwood Dental Smile Design team to help you overcome these obstacles and shift your attitude, health, and overall well-being for the better.

Achieve the Healthy, Happy Smile You Deserve.

Elmwood Dental has everything you need at its Smile Design Center in Rochester, NY, for a simple cosmetic treatment or a more comprehensive dental restoration.

Proven Process

Developed in partnership with Hybridge Digital Laboratory, our proprietary Digital Smile Design process helps you achieve as many of your treatment goals as possible.
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Compassionate Experts

Professional cosmetic, restorative, and prosthodontic care to address your smile concerns.
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Premier Services

The finest dental services and treatment solutions available in Rochester.
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Digital Technology

Today's most current computer-aided smile design and manufacturing technology for accuracy, ease, and speed to every step of the process.
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Exceptional Artistry

Our technicians bring hands-on artistic ability and an eye for the nuances of color, chroma, shape, and proportion. They add the finishing touches to create a beautiful, natural-looking restoration for you.
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Our Digital Smile Design Process Works. Every Time.

Smile Design App SimRestoring your smile is a significant investment in your time and resources. How will you know you're making the right choice with so many people, skills, treatments, steps required, and dental practices to consider?

In Rochester, only Elmwood Dental has more than 30 years of Smile Design experience, hundreds of successful cases, and satisfied clients. We’re confident that our proprietary Elmwood Dental Digital Smile Design process will make you happy, too.


Your concerns and goals take priority throughout the process. We welcome your input and feedback and obtain your approval to explore design options, develop your treatment plan, and deliver your customized restoration.


Our mission is to balance the scope of work in your treatment plan with cost by determining the minimal treatment required to accomplish your desired goals.


There’ll be no surprises or delays because we’ve perfected the process. We’ll give you the dates, times, and purpose of each appointment upfront. Hence, you know your treatment order and total time commitment before your transformation begins.


Digital technology is integral to your restoration. We use digital photography, a 3D optical scan, and a radiographic CT scan of your teeth and jaw to ensure accuracy and minimize your overall treatment time, from design to completion.


You’ll even have a dedicated patient service coordinator to answer questions, follow your progress, and keep everyone on track.

Dental Treatment Options

Elmwood Dental Smile Design offers the highest quality dental treatments to help you achieve your goals. With proper individualized home care instruction and regular oversight, and periodic dental exams and cleanings, your restoration will meet all the requirements for long-lasting dental health and esthetics.

Dental crowns and restored strength and support


Dental crowns and caps can offer restored strength and support

A tooth fracture due to stress because of too many fillings, a previous root canal treatment, or decay often requires a dental crown. Elmwood Dental uses full porcelain/ceramic dental crowns for the extra strength and support teeth need while chewing to prevent future tooth failure and ensure their health for years to come.

Dental crowns and restored strength and support


Veneers for reshaping a tooth or masking and matching color

Veneers are often a more conservative cosmetic procedure than crowns that Elmwood Dental uses when indicated. Placing a porcelain shell on the tooth's front surface can reshape it, mask its color or shade, or correct a deformed appearance, chip, or tooth fracture. Multiple veneers can make teeth look beautiful and straight by providing uniform color, shape, and symmetry. This procedure can also help close a gap, lengthen worn teeth, and fill in spaces caused by gum recession.

Restore your smile and full dental function


Hybridge restores your smile and full dental function

Hybridge full arch is supported on titanium dental implants and can replace missing or compromised teeth due to periodontal disease, decay, injury, or those who have congenitally missing teeth. Similar in shape and size to a natural tooth root, dental implants offer strength, durability, and the ability to integrate with the bone over time naturally. They can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire upper or lower jaw of teeth.

Dental crowns and restored strength and support


Teeth whitening for brightening and stain removal

For a more youthful smile, Elmwood Dental has various tooth whitening options. Opalescence™ Boost™ is the professional-strength in-office teeth whitening solution to brighten teeth that have darkened with age. It also removes staining due to certain foods and beverages, age, and smoking. We also offer fast, in-office 2-hour Zoom Whitening. Plus, in-home options are available. Our providers can help you determine which option best suits your situation.

Dental crowns and restored strength and support


Orthodontic clear aligners straighten and align healthy teeth 

Elmwood Dental offers ClearCorrect, invisible braces that straighten your teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners. Each aligner moves your teeth just a little, including controlled single-tooth movement, resulting in a straighter, healthier smile. With no wires and metal brackets to get in the way, ClearCorrect is the comfortable and discreet way to go. And they're easy to remove, so you can eat whatever you like and brush and floss without anything in the way.

Share Your Smile with the World!

The Smile Design team at Elmwood Dental enhances natural teeth with professional cosmetic
and restorative treatments to give you the beautiful, healthy, and confident smile of your dreams.

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If we can do your dental restoration within a week, book your flight to Rochester.

We’ll pick you up from the airport and connect you with a special rate at the Strathallan Rochester Hotel and Spa. Our Smile Design team will have your new smile complete by week’s end.

Before you head home, explore the great tourism and culinary destinations in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York. Be sure to send us selfies of your new smile!

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