"When I looked in the mirror or talked to people, I always felt self-conscious about my smile, which affected how I interacted with people in all aspects of my life. I always felt like I had someone else's teeth in my mouth. It weighed heavily on my self-confidence." 
— Tatayana, Rochester, NY

Clinical Work Completed By Dr. Frank LaMar

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Chief Complaints

Growing up with unhealthy teeth and receiving poor dental care in Ukraine left Tatayana with a mouth full of bridges as a young adult. Her career as a hairstylist required her to be very social, but Tatayana would cover her mouth when she smiled. Her chief complaints were:

• Bridges that didn't work correctly, compromising her tooth function.
• The color and shape of her teeth were not as she wanted.
• A smile that wasn’t white enough.

A bridge came out of Tatayana’s mouth during the COVID shutdown of 2020, leaving her with a big hole in her smile. With no help readily available, it became more of a nightmare than she anticipated. When her fiancé, who had had his smile restored at Elmwood Dental, suggested she, too, have a consultation, she jumped at the chance. Tatayana had one of the first pandemic-related Zoom consultations with Dr. Frank LaMar to review her smile design options and make the best choice for her needs.

Treatment Plan

• Dental Implant bridges to replace missing back teeth.
• Crowns on her worn upper and lower front teeth to restore their length and modify their color.

Tatayana always felt she was in the right place with the right people, despite some fear and anxiety. She knew her existing dental work would have to come out so new work could go in. Tatayana trusted Dr. LaMar for his knowledge, talent, and interest in what she’d like before he offered advice. For example, when her temporaries were not as white as she wanted, Dr. LaMar urged her to do what looked natural. Consequently, they compromised on a new color. Tatayana's glad she listened.

"When my clients confide that they have issues with their teeth, I tell them they should go to Elmwood for a consultation. I want others to experience what I have, to have confidence about their smile."

Dr. Frank LaMar

Frank R. LaMar, DDS

Less than a year after her initial consult...

“I love my new smile; it represents me better. I wish I had done this earlier in my life!”