“My health has always been important to me, but I always associated going to the dentist with pain. Now that I'm retired, and the kids are grown, it’s time to invest in myself and do something about my teeth.”
— Juana, Rochester, NY

Clinical Work Completed By Dr. Melissa Baleno

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Chief Complaints

While Juana always took care of her physical health, time had taken its toll on her teeth, which she described as "zombie's teeth.” While having her teeth cleaned at Elmwood Dental, she shared her concerns about her teeth with Dr. Melissa (Missy) Baleno. Her chief complaints were:

• Old-looking, stained teeth.
• Loose teeth, making it difficult for her to chew and enjoy eating some of her favorite foods.

Treatment Plan

Juana assumed she'd need a complete tooth replacement to regain her smile. She was relieved to hear Dr. Missy say the condition of her teeth was good overall and could be relied on for many years to come. She recommended addressing Juana’s concerns with ceramic crowns plus two dental implants.

Elmwood got Juana's restoration right the first time. The successful treatment plan addressed all her dental concerns within her financial means, especially with insurance helping to pay for the crowns.

Growing up in Spain, Juana learned to be afraid of dentists because she didn’t receive pain medication during treatments. The team at Elmwood Dental helped her get past her fear and built trust over the treatment sequence.

"They listened to me. When I asked questions, Dr. Missy talked to me and gave me choices. She also consulted with other specialists with Elmwood Dental to perfect the comprehensive treatment plan. She took me through the process and put me at ease, just like a good friend."

Dr. Melissa Baleno

Melissa C. Baleno, DMD

Six months after her initial consult...

“My results were fantastic, so now I don’t have to cover my mouth with my hand anymore. I have more confidence and love to smile! I can eat anything I want, too!”