“I do other things to take care of myself, why not fix my smile?
So, I looked for the very best dentist I could find. I found them at Elmwood Dental.
My goal was to improve my smile but keep it natural and authentic,
and that's exactly what they did!” 
— Monica, St. George, UT

Clinical Work Completed By Dr. Frank LaMar

Restoration Digital Design By Raymond Henry

Chief Complaints

Monica has been self-conscious about her smile since she was a young girl because “the other kids were brutally honest.” Her chief complaints to Dr. Frank LaMar were cosmetic things that she didn’t like:

• Years ago, a primary front tooth replacement never matched the other in color and wasn't positioned correctly.
• When she smiled, receding gums and 13 year old crowns revealed black lines from her natural teeth.
• Whitening treatments exacerbated the inconsistent tooth color across her smile.

Treatment Plan

Monica traveled from Utah to Rochester for a vacation, stopping at Elmwood Dental for digital photos and Smile Design consultation.

During the one-hour consultation appointment, Monica identified a few things about her smile that she wanted to improve. Based on her input, Dr. LaMar explained her options and developed a customized plan including two veneers, eight crowns, and a minor gum-lengthening procedure to address her concerns.

On her next trip to Rochester, Dr. LaMar and the team completed her planned restoration, including a bite modification for a perfect fit in less than one week. Monica felt confident about the process because the Elmwood team clearly explained what to expect with each step and spaced the procedures to ensure her comfort. Monica also appreciated that Dr. LaMar collaborated with other team members to get their input before finalizing details.

“You don’t want to trust just anyone with your teeth. Everyone at Elmwood Dental is very professional, kind, genuine, knowledgeable, so I felt confident, right from the beginning. I went in with high expectations and, every step of the way, they met those high expectations."

Dr. Frank LaMar

Frank R. LaMar, DDS

Five weeks after her initial consult...

“I get a lot more compliments now. My friends know something's changed; they don't know what.”