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Dentures in Rochester, NY

At Elmwood Dental, we understand that no two mouths are alike, and that our denture patients deserve the smile and confidence that is unique to them! Whether you are considering dentures for the first time, or are a long time denture wearer, our caring doctors will meet with you to discuss all options available to you and start you down the road to the confident smile you deserve.

We generally place dentures into two categories, immediate (or temporary) and definitive. An immediate, or temporary denture, is one that is fabricated prior to the removal of remaining teeth and is placed at the same appointment as when those remaining teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures can help with healing and ensure that no patient is ever without teeth. A soft, temporary liner is placed so that as your mouth heals and changes, the temporary denture is easily modified to ensure a proper fit. Once healing is completed, you remain comfortable in your temporary denture while we begin fabrication of your definitive denture.

When it comes to your definitive dentures, our doctors utilize a time tested and proven technique that will require several short visits and result in the best fitting, most comfortable and esthetic result possible. We are dedicated to involving you in the selection of teeth position, size, and shade, to ensure the beautiful smile you leave with is the one you've always wanted.

As with any of our dental services, you can rest assured that Elmwood Dental uses only the highest quality materials in the fabrication of your denture, ensuring the strongest, safest, most esthetic result possible! We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your unique needs and options.