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Pediatric Dentistry

Family Services: Pediatric Dentistry

When your kids feel good about oral health from the start, those habits will last a life-time! At Elmwood Dental Group Family Practice, we are always accepting new patients and especially enjoy meeting your little ones! Not only are we a family practice, but the majority of us have families all our own. That means not only do we love and enjoy being around the world's greatest little gifts, but we understand how important it is to know your children are receiving the best and kindest care there is!

Pediatric DentistryTypically beginning at age 2, we provide education for childron and parents, as well as dental cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, any fillings needed, and orthodontic screening. When it comes to any necessary dental treatment, although we do accept some insurance, we are NOT a fast paced insurance driven office and, therefore, take whatever time is needed to make your child comfortable. Laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) can provide a very safe and effective means to reduce some children's anxiety. We also work very closely with several well respected local orthodontists if and when it's time for braces and regularly provide wisdom tooth extraction for your teens.

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