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Root Canal Therapy

Each One of Your Teeth Has at Least One Root

Each tooth has at least one root, and each root contains a canal, traveling from the "pulp chamber" in the top of the tooth, down to the tip of each root. The root canal of a tooth is where the living nerves and blood vessels exist. When a tooth sustains damage such as deep decay, fracture, or any other type of traumatic injury, inflammation of the internal vessels may occur, and the nerve may be affected and die.

When this happens, an infection may form due to the introduction of bacteria to this space and your body's own immune response to this dying tissue. Which can then travel down the canal(s) and into the supporting jaw bone, eventually leading to a dental abscess.

This inflammatory process and subsequent abscess is often a painful sensation that requires immediate treatment. Root canal treatment involves the removal of the nerves and blood vessels from within the tooth and the subsequent re-filling of the space with a rubbery material known as gutta percha. Because the nerves and blood vessels are not vital to the function of the tooth, the removal of these can often be used to maintain a patient's natural dentition. Root canal treatment leaves teeth in a weakened state and, therefore, fabrication of a crown is strongly recommended to achieve the most favorable, lasting result.

At Elmwood Dental Group, we are aware of the stigma associated with the dreaded root canal! Through continuous study and training, our doctors proudly use the best, in modern day advances in technology and instrumentation, resulting in our ability to provide timely, comfortable relief, with minimal post-operative soreness!

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