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E4D Digital Technology

E4D Digital Impression and Crown Fabrication

Over the past fifteen or so years, several companies have produced and marketed systems capable of producing ceramic crowns through digital imaging rather than the traditional, messy impression materials. e4d cartThe doctors at Elmwood Detal Group have tested and researched these products to ensure that the result would produce as precise, comfortable, and enduring a crown as traditional techniques. Finally in 2010 after considerable research and consideration, they traveled to Dallas, TX to visit one of the leading producers of this technology and have now proudly adopted the E4D digital crown system. We have worked closely with the company to become one of the leading private offices in the use of this technology, not only in the state but nation-wide. This technology can eliminate the need for conventional impression materials and provides us the ability to digitally design and customize your all-ceramic emax crown in our own state of the art dental lab. Our trained and dedicated lab technician, Ray Henry, is on-site to assist in chairside customization and esthetic evaluation to ensure your ideal result in each and every crown or veneer. The result is a stronger, more precise and esthetically pleasing crown, delivered to you, on average, within a week. Upon request, with planning but without additional cost, we can deliver on the same day as your procedure, eliminating the need for prolonged use of temporary restorations.